Ramblings of a Targeted Individual
by Sharon R. Poet

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A Targeted Individual's struggle to expose technological, pharmaceutical and covert targeting.

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New Updates That Are Not In This Book

Previous update pages; www.poeticpublications.com/bookramupdates2017b.pdf www.poeticpublications.com/bookramupdates2017.pdf www.poeticpublications.com/bookramupdates2016.pdf

    This book aims to bring public awareness to holocaustal covert, technological and pharmaceutical targeting, especially the mind control part that is a serious threat to all of humanity. Part of this book, as well as previous editions, is also an example of what a Targeted Individual goes through in the process of carrying the immense burden of trying to prove and expose the targeting while still being targeted. Some previous editions contain more complete blog posts than what is in this book and my blog, but this book contains newer material that is not in any of the previous 14 editions. None of them are perfect, but all are waiting for my heart to be free to gather them into one final book that does a better job with explaining it all. Until then, this Introduction hopes to help us regain and/or preserve our freedom.

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We are unheard victims lost beneath the lies.
We are the tortured ones put on a list to die.
We are the rising wounded begging for your aide.
Becoming specks of dust in an evil charade.

But hopefully not for much longer.

Part of this book grew from posts on my blog;

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Old 2016 Updates Page

    This is more complete than the previous "Introduction" book. It is a partially edited version of old editions, plus new updates, that are not in the others. All of the many editions of this book have been aims for me (a Targeted Individual) to expose technological and pharmaceutical mind control, covert harassment...etc., and get help for all of us. It is a good example of what a Targeted Individual goes through in the process of carrying the immense burden of trying to prove and expose technological and covert targetings...etc., while still being targeted. Please read this book with your Heart, excuse mistakes, and do all that you can to help stop all levels of the targeting of humanity.
    Doing these writings while being harassed, and sometimes threatened and tortured for doing so, has been an immense challenge to say the least. Older, more original posts are in the edition numbers one through four and ten through fourteen. Editions five through nine were too severely edited and interfered with. I am keeping pdfs on my websites of the older editions, which have more complete original posts that may be important if something bad happens to me or if good, honest officials should ever need them.* They are also available through my publishing company.
    I am deeply sorry for the confusion around these multitudes of editions of this book. It has been a hell of a process to just try to fix and preserve my writings while being targeted and working on infiltrated computers. I came to the conclusion that it can not be effectively done until I have the freedom to gain more understanding and use my heart to fix and explain old original posts, which contain many of my own mistakes as well as those imposed by those who target me, which is why I've decided to the Introduction, until I can pull it all together and make it better in one final edition.
    The blog part of this book is basically the same as what is left on the web, as of January 20, 2017, and is to preserve what is left of it until I am free to use my heart in a final edition that hopes be explained far better than this and previous ones. I hope that, even in this sad state, it will help all of us to regain our Freedom. (Please also see notes a tthe bottom of this page.)

    I have wanted to comb through it all and fix things that have been altered by those who target me and fix my own mistakes, but this has proved to be impossible while I am still being targeted and forced to work on infiltrated computers. Hopefully I will someday have the freedom to follow my heart into better updates that help explain original posts rather than altering or erasing them. This book, its disarray and all of its multitudes of editions, is a reflection of what a Targeted Individual can go through in the process of trying to figure it all out while still being targeted - brain function interfered with, writings invaded and sometimes even altered or erased…etc.

    This forth edition should contain more complete versions of the earliest posts although it appears to have been swapped in my website. (I can only hope that the pdf in my publishers site is still in tact.) This is available on Amazon as well. Due to things that are happening around me, including threats connected to this book, I am deeply concerned that people whom I had mentioned on my blog may be being targeted. I feel bad that I must share this book in its raw form, but feel that it is the only way to handle this situation, at this point. I know that I had written things that may have been my misunderstandings of certain situations and I certainly do not want blame to aim in the wrong directions. My earlier writings were a process of figuring things out and I surely made a lot of mistakes, but it feels too late to undo them. I deeply regret using my blog and this book as if it were a report to officials. It appears that the criminals may be the only ones who have used it. But the damage seems already done and I do not want the crimes to be hidden. I am deeply sorry if sharing it offends or hurts anyone. There is too much that I am not clear about in this confusing mess. Hopefully things will someday be more clear and I can set the records straight. Whoever gets this, please forward it to the proper authorities ASAP. www.poeticpublications.com/bookram4.pdf

    The fourteenth edition contains a bit less and a bit more than previous editions. Doing these writings while being harassed and sometimes tortured has been an immense challenge to say the least. I hope they help all of us to regain our freedom. Please also read my websites on this subject; http://www.targetedinamerica.com (New 14th edition) The contents of this book grew from posts that were one on my blog;

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First, incomplete Introduction Book was at; www.poeticpublications.com/bookramintro.pdf
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