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Coming Someday - the Heart Bud book;

There's A Crisis Happening In the world,
Which Can Not Continue To Go Unnoticed,
Without Lethal Consequences for ALL of humanity!
MY Personal Blog

The Freedom
we Boast of
in the USA
Has Already
Been Secretly
Torn Away!

Lets Take it Back.

Never, in the history of humanity, has there
been a more crucial time for us to open our
hearts and unite into regaining our freedom

Our lack of awareness and disbelief of the capabilities of microwave technologies,
(like HAARP, satelites and cell towers) is enabling the silent destruction of
countless lives, and is feeding a serious threat to all of humanity. . .

PLEASE research this and do what you can to help prevent further
harm to Targeted Individuals and the rest of humanity.

Healing the World Begins and Finishes
With the Healing of Our Own Individual Hearts

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