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May 27, 2016; A Sad Waste
    Sometimes, when I look back over the years and into the targeting's effect on some of the older parts of my work, I feel like its all wasted, all ruined and not worth a thing. (Much of it does not apply to the targeting situation.) And targets like me, naturally launch into misplacing blame - when we are not aware of being targeted we blame only those who are obviously acting out because we are not aware of the manipulations and technological mind control. My old writings have a lot of this in them. (This theme ran strong in my "Personal Journal" and "Into the Light" publications.) I feel deeply sad about this, although it makes them a good example of what a heavy target goes through or is manipulated into.
    I had worked so hard and had a grand dream and mission and it now feels destroyed - like it was all just a sad waste. But this makes me yearn for my freedom even more, because time is still wasting and there's already too much to heal and too much to fix and too much to explain and too much to make up for. . .and I can not effectively do any of it while being targeted.
    When I was not aware of the targeting, and its sabotaging of my life and work I searched for the "Higher Purpose" to what I was experiencing. I didn't find it, because there was none. There is no "Higher Purpose" to intentional man-made inflictions/crimes. But good can come from bad things. And a good thing may be that, since I have become aware, I've been able to help expose the types of targeting that Iíve been experiencing.

The God of pure Love and Light
Does not inflict illness and pain.
I hope everyone finds the Truth
Until freedom has been regained.

May 20, 2016; Did I Write That Right? :-0
    My writings, about the targeting, are not "politically correct" news reports, although parts of them do report the targeting I experience. Most of these writings are stumbling attempts to expose and stop the targeting while I am still being heavily targeted. Consequently they are not nearly perfect, but they are a good example of what a TI goes through. There are probably more discrepancies in my blog, around the year 2012, during times when I was trying to figure out the targeting, when I sometimes misperceived what was happening and when I sometimes believed misinformation that was fed to me. Please listen to the Heart of your instincts, above all else, when you read them.
    Like I have said before, I do not start every sentence with the phrase, "I think" or "I believe" because I assume that my readers are wise enough to realize that if I wrote it it is what I thought, believed or felt at the time when I wrote it.
    None of my writings are perfect. I make some of my own mistakes, especially when my brain is being heavily microwaved. And my writings are sometimes altered by those who target me. These alterations appear to be mostly to make me look bad or crazy. I will not be able to properly fix or explain them until I have my freedom back and have no more interference of any kind.

     I have been feeling sad that many of my past writings, especially those which I'd written in 2005, had been sabotaged. Perhaps someday, I will have the freedom to resurrect their better parts. Until then, I hope that those who have read them, will understand, instead of assuming and judging, because some had merely been uncensored releasing of past pains. . .for the heart that could have been gained. (This is what my work is about.) And some had been altered by those who target me and infiltrate my computers. But they were also filled with truths that have been weaving their way into my more recent writings. Though I no longer publicly share some of them, and have never had some on the web, they can be made available to honest officials who may need them for a good purpose.

April 2016: Back to Paper and Ink:
   I am no longer offering any of my books through the electronic method, which the literary world is now steering toward, because I prefere the more secure and solid paper and ink method.
   I have been concerned about too much reliance on, and time spent on, electronics which are not very healthy or secure. And our world needs solid, unchangable documentation of the technological targeting...etc.

2015: Most Recent Full Heart Bud Paper:

June 12, 2014: Infiltration!:
   Many of my writings appear to have been being interfered with, through my computers being infiltrated, since around 1999. I will aim to comb through them when I can, which is not fully possible at this time. I hope what is left of them, will touch your heart. You can find more information about how I am being targeted on. . .

February 24, 2014: Calling Your Heart:

It appears that older announcements have been erased by those who target me.
This site has been up and running, under my registered business name, since the summer of 2007. Earlier publications of my books happened through companies that oddly went out of business, forcing me to start over. This, along with the erasing of old announcements, leads me to believe that those who target me are trying to make it look like my work is more recent than it is. My first book was completed in the 1980s. And all of my newer publications, except for the poetry, grew from a manuscript that was destroyed in a suspicious fire in 1999.

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